Welcome to 103 Orthodontics

We’re mad excited to meet your smile.

 We Are Building One Staten Island Family

For us, nothing is better than transforming SI smiles. And we’re bringing our A-game every day with affordable care, a Staten Island attitude, and the best treatment on the block. Our mission is to help everyone on the Island show their true self through a brighter, bolder smile. So, are you ready to rock and roll with us? Welcome to the party, friend!

Our Core Values

What we live by at 103 Ortho.

Always Welcoming

We welcome everyone with open arms. We aspire to treat each Staten Islander with kindness and respect, greeting them with open minds, hearts, and good vibes. We are one Staten Island Family and do everything we can to make sure you feel a part of it.

Place of Happiness

Positive energy goes a long way in creating a gathering place. We are all drawn to each other as we celebrate the goodness of life and our community. So let’s get loud. Let’s laugh. Let’s create that escape we all want during our busy day – just don’t forget to bring your energy.

Give it Your All

Deep within each of us should lie a burning desire to care for each other and our patients. So let’s fan those flames with hard work. Let’s be proactive and go above and beyond. We’ll never stop trying to improve ourselves because at the end of the day, it only improves the lives of our patients.

The Golden Rule

Sometimes life isn’t fair, but we always will be. And it all comes down to one thought – the one that we follow through with, even when no one is looking – “do the right thing”. If we stay humble, be respectful of each other, and listen with an empathetic ear, we will all do well by one another.

More Value

There are too many cheapskates and ripoffs out there. We’ve all seen them and we all hate them. We strive to pack as much into each penny our patients pay for their perfect smile. Because no matter where our patients end up in life, they should always reflect back on us and say we did an amazing job for a very reasonable fee.

Get the 103 Experience

Bringing smiles to our community, friends and strangers alike, means giving our best to every person who walks through our door, no matter what. We want every one of our neighbors, big and small, to know they belong in our office. From the start to the finish of treatment (and beyond), we give your smile the TLC it deserves.

Let’s Party

From grins to ROFL’s, we welcome anyone to come and enjoy the path to a better smile with us.